Stop The Mass Genocide Of Stray Dogs In Azerbaijan

Stop The Mass Genocide Of Stray Dogs In Azerbaijan

August 10, 2022
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Started by Vince Sena

We are calling upon the President and Vice President of the country of Azerbaijan to stop the brutal genocide of stray dogs.

By executive order dogs are being brutally executed by being poisoned and shot, The streets are lined with their dead bodies and this is how the country of Azerbaijan has chosen to deal with their stray animal population. This is happening in broad daylight in front of people and small children.

One method of killing by eyewitness account; is a car drives up, scatters poisoned food and the dogs after ingesting are seen twisting and dying in agony. 

Those who have chose to speak up again this have been persecuted and sued by the government. Evan a small number of peaceful protesters are dispersed immediately. They have bore witness to the horrors and have provided video evidence of the atrocities.

There are no animal protection laws in Azerbaijan and it has led to citizens taking up arms to shoot stray dogs just because they don't want them on their street. There is video evidence of people shooting them and tying them to a car dragging them away. 

The Azerbaijan government signed the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals in 2003, ratified it in 2007 and has been in blatant violation of it for years. The European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals is a treaty of the council of Europe to promote the welfare of pets and ensure minimum standards for their treatment and protection.  They are in clear violation of their obligations to the Convention and them signing it was a disingenuous act of political theater. 

Disguised as a "care center" for stray dogs, the Toplan Dog care Center in the capital city of Baku was originally an animal welfare project that would be using the TNVR method (trap, neuter, vaccinate and return) so homeless dogs would be returned to the same place they were being trapped after being vaccinated and sterilized. This has been exposed as a hoax and nothing more than a place of extermination. There is no transparency, no adoption efforts with public made and there is no permission to enter the center as it is guarded 24/7. Toplan's social media account boasts that they catch 60 dogs per day, but there are no dogs that have Toplan's tags on their ears anywhere in the city.

A civilized and humane nation doesn't kill their way out of a problem. As Mahatma Gandhi once said; "The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated".  To purposely hurt and inflict pain on those who are unable to fight back defines one as nothing less than a tyrant and a bully.

Please help us take action for change against the country of Azerbaijan for these atrocities against their innocent stray dogs by signing and sharing this petition.  Not standing up and taking action allows evil to continue. Please lend your voice to the innocent with this existential crisis.

#Toplan #Stoptoplan #Azerbaijan #Azerbaijanstopkillingstrayanimals 






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Signatures: 6,459Next Goal: 7,500
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