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We The People, Petition The Citizens Of The

United States Of America

To Hold A Constitutional Convention  

An Initiative is a process by which a referendum or change in how we govern ourselves can be triggered by a petition of voters.

An Initiative is an agreement by the people’s readiness to embark on a new agreement by and for the citizens of the United States of America.

Because we the people are powerless within a representative Governance to make law, and enforce the Constitution of the United States upon our representatives at the state and federal level, we the people desire a government by and for the people without money influencing our vote.   

The Citizens of the United States have the right to choose by majority vote how to govern and care for their needs. The citizens have the right to petition them selves to create a new or a modified Constitution, and Government. 

Only when the Citizens of our country have the first and final say in all issues by majority vote, are we a government by and for the people.

We the undersigned citizens as registered voters of the United States of America, petition ourselves to hold a Constitutional Convention by and for the citizens of the United States of America, to be held as soon as possible from the date.

This Petition is not for the federal government, or state governments, or any law enforcement, or the military, or any private military, or the supreme court, the federal bureau of Investigation, or the central intelligence agency, or any government agency of the United States Of America to perform, except to exercise each individual citizens right to sign this petition and have one vote per citizen, per issue during the Constitutional convention.   

We the people charge the experts in all the fields of life in the United States of America to cooperate with each other to inform and educate our citizens without prejudice so that our citizens-voters can choose and vote from self empowering, truth filled knowledge of the subjects and issues in hopes of benevolent intent by the citizens-voters, for the well being of all life at the Constitutional Convention.

By signing this petition we affirm that we choose to be responsible citizen-voter’s of all matters local and national for the well being of all life in the United States Of America and the world.  


Print and sign your name perfectly legible

Citizens of the United States of America, for each other

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