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Stop the killing and recruitment of children in Somalia's conflict


Increasing numbers of children and civilians are being caught in attacks and crossfire across the south and center of Somalia.

Nearly 300 children have been seriously injured and more than 100 children killed in the on-going conflict. 

UN's monitors have also confirmed that more than 600 children have been recruited and used for armed service. In addition, more than 200 children, mostly girls, reportedly have been raped. 

The UN estimates there are likely many more killings and injuries of children either unconfirmed or unreported. 

Somali children's lives are being put more and more in grave danger with the increasing conflict. There has been a marked increase in killings and serious injuries of children in recent months. 

The United Nations has raised serious concerns about the recruitment and use of children for armed forces and sexual violence of children and women.

Stand with the UN and call on all parties to the conflict in Somalia to stop all killing, maiming, recruitment for armed services and rape of children. All children must immediately be assured of safety and protection from hostile acts.

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