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It is the right time for everyone who has been affected in the period of this pandemic and want to scale their business(es) in new directions, without fear of litigations, to connect with one voice and put a permanent FULL STOP to STOP THE IP FRAUD that has limited several small, and large scale business owners from trying new opportunities.

Regardless of your national interest purpose, gender, religion or personal interests, SAY NO TO THE IP FRAUD that had maligned several business owners from growing and gaining market dominance.

A invention should protect its symbolic capacity and not needing Fraudulent characters from bandying upon which idea to remake and which not to grant permission. IP has been a utility tool for the rich to drive away, and eat the poor masses, while doing business.

Business owners/Potential Owners should not run to statutory authority to create blockage and avoid people from expressing their fundamental human rights which is freedom of association, expressions (Creativity), without usurping opportunity from the blind.

Intellectual property has been a tool that has been existing for decades used by “politicians”, “private investors” and “power mongers” to weaken business competition in areas where opportunity might lay way for another interested business man or woman.

Understanding the geometrics behind it, it is baseless for any institutional authority, to claim they have or provide individual or corporate rights for ideas that can be regenerated, using different means and codes. Only a Security corporation can be in the right channel in making this possible, Still yet, it is very meaningless because an idea/invention cannot be called one unless it has been put to use and shelters itself as a central nervous system and Living TRUST.

This means, words written can also be argued as patentable idea but in reality, if there is a stronger and better word that presents itself as a standalone word that disseminate information at the end of the day to update what you have prensented for fact checking using various mechanisms, that has given birth to a new Rule of Law, as long as it marries with current day reality. As you read this, let your voice be heard today by signing this petition to put an end to STOP the Intellectual Property Fraud used by corporate unorganized institutions.

Irregardless of nationality biases, ethnicity biases, gender biases, religion biases or family background. Let’s Unite with one voice to put an overall end to STOP THE IP FRAUD. This isn’t just only limited to Intellectual Propery, but to IP ADDRESS. No institutional background has proved itself all these years in all jurisdiction as a Key factor to alienate a successful business.

Intellectual Property should be an unequivocal key factor that takes care of itself and open room for more opportunists, not base on experiments that hasn’t prooved itself as a “one type fit all” mechanism.

Intellectual property has been weaponized by various individual class, to promote more of conflicted invention to the world, thereby putting other countries with limited political position behind what should be of its own origin. Thereby, misrepresenting individual interest over institutional interest; that would have been a team of various collective body globally from all local observers and foreign country men.

A body that isn’t self sufficient, doesn’t have the autonomous power to hold jurisdictional presence over IP, as words can market itself using various medium. Therefore, let’s continue on this journey as we put our voice together by signing this petition to STOP THE IP FRAUD NOW.

Millions of jobs are lost each year due to Human Rights infringement. Save a job today by telling someone about

Choose good over evil today and don’t allow a Fraudulent institution use class case or hold the Authority to separate you off your Human Rights.

Do not be indecisive by not signing as this would save the soul of future generations and the fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS of someone you care about.

“Intellectual Property Institution” goes against all country established policies counteractively by Fraudulent instituted bodies, that promotes personal responsibleness and interferes on aided government programs and policies in the process.

Every American is permitted to use this petition herein as a petition to the American Official Appellate Courts and as a whole document. 

This petition gives every person, whether black or white and/or mixed race, the road to establishing your heart choice(s) and full HUMAN RIGHTS and non dependency on any related IP institution.

Unilaterally, the price to pay is half and the cost is half. Make the success of this petition to you and your family by signing this petition using the “sign this petition” button on this page.

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Sent by Udumeh, A pillar of Only Jesus Christ Saves Security Corporation HQ, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89102. USA.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!