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A massive rounding up of domestic dogs occured in Iran during the first week of May 2013. These dogs were forcefully seized from their owners and transferred to Kahrizak prison. Reports appear to show that a third of the approximately 150 dogs seized have lost their lives attributed to poor conditions and starvation. 

A large campaign against dogs is underway by the Iranian Regime to destroy all stray dogs with members of the general public being encouraged to undertake killing of dogs. This needs to stop!!! Some people are making a living out of this, torturing and killing dogs so inhumanely and being rewarded for it.

It is important to let the Iranian Regime know that such cruelty to any animal is not acceptable and should be stopped immediately!,8599,2065873,00.html


Letter to
Leader, Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei
President, Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmood Ahmadinejad
Ambassador of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Babaei
and 3 others
خبرگزاري فارس Fars News Agency
خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران ايسنا Iranian Students News Agency
خبرگزاري جمهوري اسلامي ايرنا Islamic Republic News Agency
Dear Mr Khamenei,

There is no glory in being cruel to the weak, frail, helpless animals, children or those who cannot defend themselves. These acts will not bring any respect from the Iranian people or people of the world for your regime, your religion and the Islamic system. You rule a country, where respect to animals is inherent in its culture. I remind you of what Ferdowsi said 1000 years ago:

"Do not hurt the ant, carrying the seed; who has life and whose life is dear to him."

Dogs like all other animals, humans and other creatures of God have a right to life. There is absolutely no civil law in Iran or religious verdict in Islam or other religions justifying the arrest, cruelty or killing of dogs or other animals. These acts are illegal and those committing such crimes should be arrested and punished in courts of law.

Your lack of action in this matter implies your approval of such acts. We strongly demand that you would do the right thing by using your authority to order an immediate release and return of these pets to their owners and persecute those behind these acts of cruelty.

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