16 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emma Alder

In the wee hours  28/ 10/2021, Mr Amos received a phone call that would change his life. His rental house in Pangani,  Nairobi, was being demolished. After spending 5 million Kenya shillings  to renovate it and put in new tenants that would help him pay his mortgage.

Amos has a legal title deed at the bank in Kenya, where he continues his mortgage of Ksh140,000 every month, up to date.

 Amos was unaware of why his property was demolished, nor was any warning given.

He immediately engaged a lawyer and reported at the police station only to find out that the police were in cahoots  with the land grabber during the time of demolition.The 'new plot grabber' apparently wanted to erect a new rental property.  Luckily, his title deed at the bank still has his name and the land registry legal owner.  

Amos is the Chairman of EireKenya Housing Association, a very successful group planning to build an Irish village in Nairobi.  His property was demolished because 'plot grabber' knew he was in the diaspora and seldom came home. 

 With the help of several diaspora Organisations and  Sacco Societies, we wrote and signed a letter of condemning the grabbing of Amos plot. 

The letter was sent to the interior cabinet minister Mr Matiangi and to the cabinet secretary foreign affairs  Amb Raychelle Omamo. 

We managed to came together and saved Amos land, he continues to incur substantial legal costs and pay his mortgage while fighting for compensation. 

Fast forward to July 2022, meet Jean, who is also in the same predicament. 

Jean is a nurse in London, and in 2015? she too purchased a plot in (Area) Nairobi.   She, too, took out a large loan here in the UK to pay for the property. 

Jean struggled like many of us, to pay the loan for five years and was excited when she finally finished paying the loan. Jean has been working hard, saving enough money to build her house.

While sick in hospital last year, Jean received the devastating news to inform her that they had fenced her land and started building.  She has been very poorly to travel.  Immediately, her dad reported the matter to the police and embarked on a legal fight to save his daughter's land.  

What has been shocking is that both the police and the lawyers are not interested in the case.  

The family has incurred a lot of money trying to secure the plot while the 'plot grabber' continues to build. Currently, as I write, they are constructing the 3rd floor.  

The father has been threatened several times, telling him they are a ‘dangerous sect group’, and he should stop meddling and inconveniencing them by taking this matter to court.

Jean is almost giving up because of her poor health and she is worried her dad safety, the lack of support from the police and legal system in Kenya, and the spiralling cost the family is incurring. 

The corruption is deep, and it seems the 'plot grabbers' are well connected and with a lot of money.

Whose Diasporian plot, land or property will be grabbed next?  Who is going thru the same predicament, who has lost the will to fight due to cost? 

Let us unite as Kenyan Diasporans to fight and save Jean's plot and send an unmistakable message that enough is enough; Diasporians are not going to sit back, work hard and lose everything. No one is above the law! 

We need more than 1000 signatures from you Diaporians to sign a petition  to save Jean's plot!

Please share with your groups and let us sign this so that we can get Jean the help and support she deserves. She needs her plot back, period, and this is just but the beginning. We need anyone plotting to grab a disporian property to think twice!

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Signatures: 288Next Goal: 500
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