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Stop the hypocrites who don't want the dog meat trade

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Why are you protesting the sale of dog meat in South Korea while 59 billion innocent animals are massacred each year for the consumption of the citizens of the USA? How is the sale of dog meat different from the sale of pork, beef, chicken, or any other meat source? Only a small percentage of Koreans eat dogs, so why are you guys trying to boycott Korean companies because of this? It is idiotic and hypocritical to say this, and you're Western stereotypes of dogs somehow being a part of one's family totally disregards the fact that pigs are just as intelligent yet are still massacred every year in huge amounts here in the USA. Many people point to the fact that dogs have been bred to mimic human emotion and are more sophisticated than say, a cow or a chicken, yet dogs eaten in Korea are a whole different breed that are bred as a pig would be- as livestock. In the USA, eating dog  is legal in 44 states, and the eating of dog meat is common not only in 3rd World Countries, but in Switzerland, where it is a widespread culture in pockets of the Rhine Valley. Don't blame a country for what a small minority does, and please first look in a mirror.

Real comments by actual users about Korea on the dog meat trade:

"These despicable sub-humans.."-Phyllis Defner

"Such a sick country"-Carolanne Hogg

"Fuck korea dont buy anything from asia trash little dik pussies"-Jake Schafer

"...we should make a petition to kill everyone in korea and have them suffer the same fate as those dogs, then the dogs will feed off of their corpses! Ohhhh how the tables will turn..."-Ann Bnn (this got 3 likes)

"Here is the symbol of South Korea. "-Anne Kaufmann.

"One good man left in the whole of Korea." (Describing a pro-dog activist)-Alan Theyer

"Pigs is being too polite for what these sickos are!!!"-Carol Capwell

"...these people are pigs."-Maureen Brown

"You are fucking bastard cunts and I hope your dicks drop off and you die a more painful death than these poor baby angels!!!! I hate Koreans!!!"-Maralyn Vidal

"Wow! As we can all see, these Koreans are heartless scum. They are sick psychopaths. They are dangerous to everyone. If they do this to animals, they will do it to humans, too. Korea is breeding psychopaths. It is evil, cruel and shocking. Shameful. Korea will never rise above this as a nation until this is stopped."-Lisa Allis

"They are a nation of psychopaths total brain deads." -Catherine Baran

"...a bunch of neanderthal people..."-Ligia Cabral

"F YOU BASTARDS." -D. Nielson

-"Why are the people in the Asian continent so fucking evil. We know they are backward but so fucking evil to animals too. Bring on a sunami the wipe the filth out as soon as. There is no place on earth for Asian trash who simply are incapable of treating animals with dignity."-Anne O'CONNOR

-"I hope you all burn in hell!!" -Lena Rousk

"Fuck boycotting them they need to ne fuken eliminated once and for all. The world must drop a huge bomb on their fuken ignoramus cunt country and rid the world of these brutal torturous mother fukers. They have gotten away with their evil far too long. Our beautiful innocent animals cannot go through this extreme cruelty any more."-Bernardine Timmins

"You are a race of imbeciles! "-Maria Orosa

"This is f..... barbaric cunts stop it"-Mary

This is not the end. How come these people pretend that Koreans as a whole eat dogs? What makes them think that they have the right to say this while they live in a country where 99% of farm animals live in factory farms, living their whole lives in cramped, horrible conditions. Not only is this irresponsible, this is not the point of this website- to hurl negative speech at a race just because a small minority eats dogs.This website is not a forum where you hurl curses at Koreans telling them to go to hell.The consumption of dog in South Korea is over exaggerated and serves as a racial bias against the Korean race. Stop this now.


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