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Hotel developer ramps up campaign despite Covid crisis

As Los Angeles and its residents wrestle with the surging pandemic, the developer of a proposed hotel in the Santa Monica Mountains is callously choosing this moment to vigorously advance his goal of building his for-profit commercial venture in our quiet residential community — transforming the zoning of the Santa Monica Mountains forever. This is alarming, offensive, and our community will not be fooled. LET'S GET OTHERS TO SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY! The developer's recent misleading advertisements are cynically attempting to rebrand this massive commercial development for his personal gain as a great boon for the environment. These ads condescend to the community, assuming that stock photos of deer and firemen will somehow sway us from what is really happening: A vigorous campaign is being waged to build an enormous commercial complex that would require wholesale change to existing zoning laws, six years of construction, have a massive destructive impact on our environment and our quality of life — and it would fill our canyons with noise, traffic, and visitors who do not live here nor share our concerns about privacy, security or protecting the local environment.Do not be fooled: A Retreat is a Hotel. The thousands who have signed this petition have been absolutely clear: No Hotel In This Canyon! Even more so, our City Councilmember Paul Koretz is equally clear in his opposition to this proposal. In Koretz’s words: “I do not want the planning entitlements to set a precedent or create a template for converting natural hillsides to a hotel and other commercial uses.” We have been in close communication with his office and the Councilmember remains resolutely opposed to the hotel — citing concerns about traffic congestion, removal of protected trees, fire safety, and precedent. Yet the developer persists and his application continues to move through the city planning process. FORWARD THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS SO THEY CAN SIGN AS WELL! The developer is now advertising a “dog park” for the community. What he is not telling you is that — according to the present application — this dog park sits on the roof of a proposed 37,000 square foot parking structure, just a few feet off Hutton Drive. This would be in addition to an even larger cement parking structure for 180 additional cars. This is not to be confused with the massive Main Hotel building which stands seven stories tall — 69 feet high with two levels of parking there as well. Overall, his “scaled-down” proposal is asking for a mind-boggling 459,750 gross square feet of new construction to accommodate 438 patronswith 130 employees, working four shifts a day. This translates into literally thousands of car and truck trips both during and after construction. The idea that this kind of development would be proposed just off the narrow streets of a residential community in the middle of any canyon is preposterous. The fact that we have to combat this extraordinary proposal in the middle of a pandemic is unconscionable. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Forward this to your neighbors, post to Facebook, Instagram and NextDoor: WE WILL NEVER RETREAT! NO ZONE CHANGE! NO HOTEL IN THIS CANYON!  Let's get everyone who cares about protecting the Santa Monica Mountains to stand with us and sign this petition today.

Save Our Canyon
1 year ago