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Stop the harassment and intimidation of a GLBT family by a bio parent.

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Amy and Angela have been the targets of a documented mentally ill man, who refuses treatment, in his attempts to gain custody of his daughter. He has filed numerous false reports to state agencies accusing Amy of sexually molesting her step-daughter and he has accused the biological mother, Angela, of a variety of abuses ranging from drugging her daughter to beating her. ALL OF THESE ALLEGATIONS HAVE BEEN UNSUBSTANTIATED!!! DCS and the law are not able to stop him since he has not made any physical acts of violence toward these womyn. He has been banned from several local and state offices for his violent outbursts and continues to harass and make false reports. Until this man is stopped he is going to continue to be allowed to not only disrupt the lives of this family, but severely mentally damage a 5 year old little girl. This man does not work, is not financially nor emotionally supporting his daughter and is being allowed to engage in mental warfare of 2 law abiding citizens. Please help petition to change the laws in Indiana to make false reporting in a divorce/custody case a felony that is prosecuted and also to recognize it as a form of child abuse. He has now coached his daughter to lie to mandatory reporters because he has been told to stop filing false reports. This needs to stop!!!

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