Stop the Halton Catholic School Board's expropriation of our family's farm land

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200 years of my family farm history could be erased…  please read

My name is Jessica McCann I am 20 years old and am currently attending to the University of Guelph for a degree in Agriculture. My family has lived in the town of Milton for over 200 years and I am the 7th generation on our land. I am attending school to continue our family run business and long-standing tradition of guaranteed quality.

Recently the Halton Catholic District School Board has decided that they are going expropriate almost 20 acres of our family’s farm to build a Secondary School. They are planning on building the school, set to hold 1400-1500 students right next to our barns. This is a very poor decision on the part of the school because you do not put 1400 students in the middle of a working cattle farm. These young people will be incredibly close to herds of unpredictable 2000-pound beef animals which would create a very hazardous work and school situation.

Our family has no intention on leaving our farm and this expropriation and construction is not only dangerous but could destroy our operation. This is an operation that we have worked to keep in our family for 200 years and that we continue to work to uphold every day.

There is 2300 acres of undeveloped development land that is around our farm, much of which are the fields immediately next door to us. The developers in Milton have allowed for this population expansion and created the need for yet another school in Milton. Why is it that the Catholic School Board is not holding these developers responsible for their actions and putting development land to use? Why are we going to destroy another family farm rather than use available development land?

We are trying to spread this information to as many people as possible.

Thank you immensely for your support

The McCann Family

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