Stop the Flavor Vape Ban

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Vaping is a "tool" to quit smoking. The government likes to blame this "tool" on getting into the hand of children so they think it should be ripped away from the ADULTS who choose to utilize this amazing "tool" to quit smoking cigarettes. 

We already know that the deaths that happened in fall of 2019 were to blame on black market THC cartridges containing vitamin E acetate. It had absolutely nothing to do with the nicotine industry. 

So why is vaping an excellent "tool" to have? Because you don't have tar, you don't have all the nasty chemicals, you don't have the stench or second hand smoke that affects others health. 

Cigarette smoking causes about one of every five deaths in the United States each year. Cigarette smoking is estimated to cause the following: More than 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke) 278,544 deaths annually among men (including deaths from secondhand smoke) per the CDC.

A doctor in California went into a vape lounge and did an air sample with the clouds of vapor and the results came back as to normal air quality. (No second hand)

The age of vaping was raised across the ENTIRE United States on December 20th 2019. You legally have to be 21+ to purchase these items. 

The Montana health department puts a percentage of Highschool teens that currently are vaping. I ask to myself and them during Covid-19 did they really go door to door and ask for a survey and see which minor is underage vaping? NO!!! So what is their agenda?

Cigarettes have over 4000+ chemicals and 72+ cancer causing carcinogens. Vaping has 4 main Ingredients including Propylene Glycol (used in Albuterol treatments & is food grade) Vegetable Glycerin (again food grade) Flavoring & "Pharmaceutical" grade nicotine.

I have only heard of wonderful things of people quitting smoking with vaping and the amazing benefits they have from being able to breathe again, smell, taste etc. So why take that away? 

The health department doesn't realize that a "Teen" is able to take a few cigarettes more easily from their parents pack of smokes to take to school compared to taking their parents whole vape to school without the parent knowing. That is where parenting comes in no matter if you smoke or vape as a choice you make as a parent.

Underage Alcohol consumption is OK per the health department obviously. They make hello kitty wine and that is not marketing twords children? Drinking and driving kills. Underage drinking is just as addictive. 

Royal College of Physicians have deemed vaping to be 95% a safer alternative than smoking so much so they even have vape shops in their UK hospitals and have vouchers they will help pay for they device to help users get off smoking cigarettes. This goes to show how backwards we are in the USA. Sheila Hogan is very unknowledgeable when it comes to the vaping industry and she needs to focus on the real issue and that is Big Tobacco.

Teens are always curious and banning flavors will not STOP them from ANYTHING. They will continue to smoke, try drugs, drink alcohol and vape if they choose to do so because it has been that way for years and years. 

If you are trying to tax the products then just do a REASONABLE tax. That means REASONABLE. Then use those resources for what you need it for. Stop attacking the vape industry about flavors.

The flavor ban will only put MORE people out of a job, create empty retail spaces, produce less for the economy all while online sales BOOM. So congratulations on trying to hurt your locals all because you are being incompetent.

Join us in telling them that you OPPOSE the flavor ban. We will not let our choices get taken away from us. The health department should not be able to make up laws and take away our rights and choices.

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Thank you all for your support.