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My two beautiful children have been fast tracked for adoption by Cambridgeshire Local Authority.

I have never physically harmed my children i have done everything within my power to enable my children to be re-habilitaed back to my care, however social services have ignored all my efforts and proceeded with this fast track adoption . This will deprive my children the right to a family life they will never have the oppotunity to know their mother, siblings or grandparents.


This new fast track adoption is giving Local Authorities the oppotunity throughout the country to seperate families and not enough time to enable children to be returned to their natural birth families. Children are now facing uncertain futures throughout the UK .

This could happen to anyone anywhere in the UK and Adoption already effects 1-4 people within the UK.

I have done everything andf more that any parent would be expected to do. I even completed the following courses.

First Aid

N.S.P.C.C Child Protection Awareness

Hidden Harm V3

CBT Diploma

Everyday Assertiveness

Freedom Programme

Life Coaching Course

i am also currently studying for a Diplom in Child Psychology.

I passed hair Tricho strand Testing and proved i am not a drug addict or Alcohol Dependant!

I also attended the following organisations and seeked help Womens Aid, Domestic Violence Outreach Workers, Parenting course, Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy. All of which even sent supporting letters unbelivbly Cambridge Social Services never even contacted these organsations to see how i was progressing.

I did everything wiithin my power to reunite my family. I recieved no money help or anything from Cambridge Local Authority i even paid privatley for CBT sessions. However the Local Authority will pay for help for people with Anger Management problems etc and reunite them with their families.

I have no criminal record at all and yet parents who have abused their children are reunited with them.

I gave birth to my baby daughter Honey Wyatt without any medical help despite calling an Ambulance this was because Cambridge Social Services failed to inform Midwives that my daughters father was in prison.They conducted the IPC meeting while i was in Labour and they were made aware i was told by the social worker in questipon " Well we did not believe you were in labour as many people will sy anything to get out of going to the meeting"Paramedics eventually came into my home after pleas that the Cord was wrapped round my babies neck!!

I asked to go to refuge with my children this was also denied by Cambridge Local Authority as they sid they could not guarantee i would stay there!!

At the Final care hearing i ws also refused a three month adjournment because they said it would further delay an doption and that Parents were at panel that day!! mIt has since turned out that this was another untruth as they have now sent a letter saying they have found adoptive parents that went to panel in November!! Therefore an adjournment would have given further time for more enquries to have been made and my childrens grandparents were also refused an adjournment for a further Kinship Assesment in favour of Adoption.

I hve proved moyself over and over again all of my contct notes that were supervised with my children stted i ws very caring and loving towards my children. However now Cambridgeshire social services are sying because my son Ben banged his head when he returmned back from seeing me on a supervised visit that it is my fault that he was stressed from seeing me!! ( Just perhaps my little boy is confused and loves his mother and missed me)

An Independent review meeting also has gone ahead in November 2013 which i ws not invited to despite my children still not actually being adopted at the moment legally. The Social worker claimed i can see my children once a month however i was not allowed to see my children and was not offered this contact at all. I was never given even a parenting assesment even when i offered to fund the process myself!

I have also been informed that even letter box contact will not be alowed near there birthdays or christmas! I am also not allowed to meet the Adoptive parents!

My circumstances have changed i live in Surrey now have family support i have not been min any relationship since i split from my daughters father. I have a large 3 bedroom property in Surrey however no considertion is given at all to all i have done to change my life around and give my children the best chances possible in life.

Plesae help by taking a minute out of your day to sign my petition Social Services claim to do everything possible to keep families together this is completly untrue in my childrens case.

All i would like is the chance to love nd see my children grow everyday, take them to the park, have holidays, read them  bed time story and love them like every mother loves her children but i have never been helped despite doing everything in my power to help myself.



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