STOP � ‘ the family sex show’ this should be abolished!

STOP � ‘ the family sex show’ this should be abolished!

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Why this petition matters

Started by sophie ward

RSE FAMILY SEX SHOW  for families to watch introducing sex to children all ages, they actually state sexual Behaviour and development starts from birth!

In the words of Adele campaigning against RSE: **teenagers especially girls need to be empowered to say no to sex. They need comprehensive learning on sexual health and the mental health effects that can be had from being sexually active from a young age.
No prepubescent child needs to learn about sexuality of any kind and certainly not sexual pleasure. Teaching children about sexual pleasure and consent teaches the child they have an option of yes or no to someone touching them. If it feels good then you can consent, it normalises sexual activity between children of a similar age as OK.
No child should be comfortable with seeing a strangers adult genitalia. This desensitises them. 
It also teaches children gender ideology such as non-binary and trans. This reinforces gender stereotypes, a child's sex is not determined by the toys they play with or the clothes they wear.**

You can tell a child ‘that sweet was on the floor it’s dirty don’t eat it because they see a sweet and they have eaten sweets before they will eat it… so seeing this awful show will encourage this behaviour and you can say there’s a time and age etc etc but children will not take that part in and it will ruin their innocent minds!! I hope that we get this petition far because we need to stop this now � 

If we don’t stop this our children will be hearing about things like ‘the family sex show’ at school rather playing with skipping ropes and telling them what new kids films they have watched and this will get out of hand, sexual content is 18 so why is it ok to show or discuss sexual content to INNOCENT underage CHILDREN in any case. Please have a look and sign this petition to help keep our children safe and growing at a pace us parents chose individually they are OUR children!! 

Please visit:  for more information on RSE and help us protect our children!

51 have signed. Let’s get to 100!