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Stop The Expansion of A Hog Factory Farm in Indiana

There is only one Factory Farm in Harrison County, Indiana. It consists of 4,000 hogs, but the owners want to add a second 4,000 hog barn to the operation. Their neighbors aren't too happy about that. They've started Citizens of Harrison County for Sustainable Farming to oppose the expantion.

Factory farms like this one reduce property values and pollute the nearby air and water. Those living near the farm have reported sore throats, burning eyes and runny noses, similar to an allergic reaction. “The bottom line is that at every level these things are wrong,” said Lance Dunbar, who helped organize Citizens of Harrison County for Sustainable Farming

Stand with Citizens of Harrison Country for Sustainable Farming in opposing this expansion. Write to the county commisioners and ask them to enact an ordinance restricting factory farms in Harrison Country.

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