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Create stricter laws dealing with the exotic animal black market.

The exotic and endangered black market has a devastating impact on the Earth's natural ecosystem. By poaching or trapping animals for trade, the ecosystems begin to fail while the habitats that the animals are brought to are overrun by invasive species. The United States government has begun the fight against animal trafficking, but many actions made are incapable of keeping up with the booming business. According to the U.S. State Department, wildlife trafficking is thought to be the third most valuable illicit commerce in the world, after drugs and weapons, with an estimated worth of $10 to 20 billion a year. Due to the United State's effort to control the animal trafficking black market, there have been multiple accounts of abuse, neglect, and escapes of these animals into cities and neighborhoods, usually leading to the elimination of the animal or harm to an innocent by stander. How these poachers and animal smugglers are obtaining and transporting the animals into America is a dangerous and complicated business that the U.S. Department is still trying to solve and terminate, As Edwin Way Teale once said, "Those who wish pets and baby wild animals, love them. But those who respect their natures and let them live normal lives, love them more."

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