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Protect your rights and freedoms: Stop Doug Ford from using the notwithstanding clause

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On September 10, 2018, Justice Belobaba ruled unconstitutional the Better Government Act, finding that:

  1. Changing the wards on August 14 when the campaigns had started on May 1st violated the freedom of expression of the candidates because a political message, platform spending etc. is based on where the candidate runs: Doug Ford wants to silence the candidates.
  2. The Toronto Ward Boundary Review from 2013-2017 rejected the idea of moving from 44 Wards to 25 but instead recommended an increase to 47 Wards for an effective representation of the citizens.
  3. Most importantly, it violated your freedom of expression by denying you effective representation. "The voter's freedom of expression must include her right to cast a vote that can result in meaningful and effective representation"

I encourage you to read the actual court decision and the deep analysis of Justice Belobaba.

By wanting to invoke the notwithstanding clause, Doug Ford shows you that he does not care about our justice system, which is there to protect your rights and freedoms.
Doug Ford believes that because only 40.63% of the voters casted their ballot for him, that gives him the right to ignore your rights and freedoms. 

Show him that you do not condone the erosion of your rights, and that proper consultation needs to happen before changing the democratic representation of the citizens of Toronto.

Let's also encourage Justin Trudeau and the Lieutenant Governor to intervene, because Torontonians are also Canadians and desserve protection from undemocratic actions from elected politicians. 

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