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For the past three years the principal and vice principal has done nothing to protect our daughter Brittany Hardesty from being bullied. They have not only allowed our daughter to be bullied, they are not doing anything to help anyone else who gets bullied. One girl was pushed by her now ex boyfriend in their presence, they did nothing. Another child gets called names on a daily basis, they say its only words. The school says they cant do anything, when they dont see it. The police say its not their responsibility since its going on in school. When her dad got involved, he ended up going to court.Our daughter now suffers from anxiety disorder, had to do her last half of her senior year on line, because of her medications and not feeling safe at school. She had two years of perfect attendance before this. I need your help on getting these two men immediately removed from their positions and removed from our school system before they destroy more children. Please help protect our child by signing this petition. After all, this could be your child.

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  • Principal David Davis and Vice-Principal Jason Eddy

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