Stop "DQ Cancer" spreading to HK's district elections: quash "confirmation form" proposal

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Hong Kong's Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) has launched a 30-day public consultation to push through changes to the way District Councillors are elected.

The public consultation is here.

Hidden within all the minutiae of electoral law, including how to fold envelopes correctly, the proposals include a drastic and dangerous change which would disqualify certain candidates from standing; and would expose elected representatives to criminal charges and jail should they say the "wrong" things about Hong Kong.

The EAC now proposes candidates sign a "Confirmation Form". In theory the Confirmation Form simply says the candidate will uphold Basic Law and pledge allegiance to Hong Kong SAR.

In practice, ANY talk of Hong Kong independence, for example, or anything deemed anti-government, post-signature, would be a breach of that form, resulting in criminal charges (up to 2 years in jail) plus immediate disqualification from the elected post.

We have already seen the government stacking the Legislative Council with removal of individuals for their ideas. Let's not allow them to take the District Council the same way.

Your District Councillor is your most visible representative in Hong Kong, and if they are silenced by fear of criminal charges or disqualification, you are not well served. Local councillors are essential in fighting for budgets for safe, clean living environments: don't let them be silenced by this rule change.

We suggest that anyone taking the time and trouble to stand in election for public service is already demonstrating a commitment to Basic Law and allegiance to Hong Kong, and this does not need further confirmation.

We urge the Electoral Affairs Commission to take heed of these signatures when considering the public consultation response, and drop the Confirmation Form requirement for the upcoming elections.

Key dates

  • we will deliver an oral argument on 25 June 2019 at the public hearing in Quarry Bay; and
  • we will deliver these signatures to the public consultation on 9 July, 2019.

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