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Well my fellow Americans, I'm not sure if you've heard, but as of 12/05/13, (according to the Daily Currant, the Republican Party is seeking to apply a 'DOUBLE-TAX' on products like, tampons, condoms and other sanitation/hygienical prodcuts.

Don't believe me, look here:


Now, I cannot disagree with the fact that #OurGreatNation is lingering in massive debt, and the need to 'find' ways to accomodate for this debt is very necessary, however; taxing products that, (I believe), were already at a marketplace disadvantage to some, (mainly women), literally stands as a very inconsiderate approach to men, (and particularly women), and the health needs.

This hot topic, (while not a new one), has never been covered in this way before...and no; this is not about 'Feminism' but 'Fairness' within the retail marketplace regarding Women's Sanitation and Personal Hygiene Products, (and her after-tax dollars).

This petition is in support of the many women's groups and organizations that hope for change, (in seeking to make better the current social standings of women within communities worldwide...particularly within the retail marketplace).

This petition is also in support of Brick Casey's new book, "Tax Free Tampons", that reveals the many thoughts, feelings and opinions of what many women, (and men), around the world feel regarding this issue.

Many women feel as though they are being 'unfairly taxed' because of their genders' 'natural physiological happenings', (menses).

This particular issue has also been one of the longest standing Women's Rights Issues since the beginning of the Women's Rights Movement to have very little, (and close to no), resolve. In addition to this, many people who hope for overall equality still feel as though this of taxation, 'while important to the economy', has been 'swept under the political rug' for far too long.

The book is filled with riveting and many thought provoking questions, (and answers), such as:

Why should/shouldn't there be a tax on feminine sanitation products, after all, (they are purchased with 'after-tax' dollars to begin with)?

How much money does a woman spend, (after-tax dollars), on sanitation products during her entire lifetime?

Are there any 'other' countries who have made changes in their tax structure in recognition of the woman's 'physiological needs'?

Long story short, there are millions of women, (worldwide) who agree that there should not be 'any' taxation on their feminine sanitation and personal hygiene product purchases, (because they were 'born' with the need for them and as a natural birth right should be exempt from taxation for the purchases of such products out of necessity, (as women certainly do not consider these items to be 'cosmetic' or 'recreational' purchases).

Second to this...while understanding that all sanitation and personal hygiene products are purchased by women with their 'after-tax' dollars, (which are then 'taxed' again), many women see this as yet another strike against Women's Equality.

That's what this book and this petition is all about...looking into the 'fairness' of this issue, (from the perspective of the woman and her after-tax dollars), as it pertains to women specifically...and believe me; the amount of dollars women invest in sanitation products alone is quite a bit of cash at the end of the day.

So...check out the book, share it with others...and don't forget to sign this petition, as the only way to make this issue 'better' for all women is to unify the voices...with enough strength; lasting change will stand.

*Also, in thanking everyone for their time and support by signing this petition, you are able to receive a FREE! feature MP3 Download, “ABUSE IS USELESS" (Brick Casey).mp3 (a song about Domestic Violence)

For more details about the book and/or the free download, please visit:

In closing, I urge all women, (and men), everywhere to:






...and help to create a greater sense of equality in our retail marketplace, (and the world), for everyone....especially Women!

Thank you all in advance, and if there are any questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact: at any time.

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