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Petitioning Pennsylvania Governor

Stop the disruption, pollution and destruction of Pennsylvania

 Please help us convey our concerns about Natural Gas Production in the Marcellus Shale Play in Pennsylvania. Our Incoming Governor,Tom Corbett, has proposed opening more State Forest land to drilling and Pipline construction, even as he also deny's the need to "burden" the industry with a severance tax, as every other State with similar activity has.  We believe there should be greater protection for our communities, and further studies of the overall, long term impact on our beautiful State.

Letter to
Pennsylvania Governor
Slickwater Hydrofracking for unconventional natural gas has caused direct and collateral damage to every State it has been used in. Huge quantities of fresh water have been drawn from the Hydrologic cycle and permanantly contaminated with drilling chemicals and Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials.

In addition to the depletion of potable and wildlife sustaining water, pollutants are regularly released into the Soil, Air, and surface and underground Water sources. The resulting damage has caused, or has the potential to cause disease,poisoning,and death to indigenous species Including Human Beings!

Property values are negatively affected, as is our thriving Recreational/Tourism trade.....not to mention the permanent loss of Pristine Wilderness and State Forest Areas set aside for the use of all Pennsylvanians, and Visitors. We the undersigned urge the State Government to establish a Moratorium on all "Frack Drilling" until EPA Studies are finalized and Safe practices are mandated. We also believe a severance tax on current Gas Production Must be enacted to provide funds to be used by local Municipalities to offset current and future impacts of this Industrial Menace.

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