Stop discriminating, provide safe passages for Africans and People of Color out of Ukraine

Stop discriminating, provide safe passages for Africans and People of Color out of Ukraine

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Numerous African refugees mostly students in Ukraine are being prevented from leaving to safety as Russian strikes continue in the nation, according to individuals attempting to cross borders to neighboring countries.

Thousands of young African students mostly from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, and other countries studying in Ukraine claim they have been abandoned, with some taking to Twitter in recent days to tell their stories of desertion.

Here is a footage:

According to the students, certain locals are 'prioritizing' Ukrainians, while black individuals face hostility or are refused passage at the border. On twitter, Ms. Sky said that under the present crisis, black people – particularly migrants – are more exposed to prejudice.

"It is self-evident that we Africans are seen as lesser creatures," said Nze, a student who was forced to travel several hours to the Poland border. "The majority of Africans are still on their route to Lviv," he tweeted on Friday, beside a snapshot of the masses.

The scenario has fueled concern among observers within the worldwide African and Caribbean diasporas that, even during times of conflict, black people suffer worse than white people.

Another Nigerian medical student at the Medyka-Shehyni border crossing between Poland and Ukraine stated she had waited seven hours to cross and also that border guards were stopping and sending black individuals to the back of the line, claiming they had to allow "Ukrainians" through first.

Around 4,000 Nigerians are now studying in Ukraine, making up the country's second-largest group of international students, after Moroccans, who account for 8,000 students. A number of Nigerian students and their families have gone to social media to express their worries about alleged racial discrimination by guards at crossings and security checkpoints, as well as a perceived lack of government assistance.

Sign this petition calling on Ukrainian border authorities to put an end to these discriminatory evacuation tactics and grant everyone access to safety across the border by any means available.

Also, we demand the Nigerian government to bring home immediately all Nigerians stranded in Ukraine, just as the Indian government has done. Nigerian student unions in Ukraine stated they made many calls to the Nigerian embassy in Kyiv without obtaining a response. This is pathetic!

Our demands:

1. We call on Ukrainian border authorities  to stop the discrimination against Africans, and other people of color and ensure safe passage for Africans and other marginalized people into neighbouring countries.

2. The African Union should issue a statement demanding the safety of Africans and arrange for airlifts of Africans in Ukraine or those that have fled to Poland and other countries. This is the time for them to rise up for Africa.

3. Finally, the Nigerian government must as a matter of urgency evacuate stranded Nigerian students in Ukraine and those that have fled to neighbouring countries.

Sign this petition calling on Polish, Romanian, and neighbouring Eastern European authorities to grant temporary asylum to African students fleeing Ukraine pending when they would be evacuated to their respective countries.

We’re calling on Ukraine border authorities to be humane and everyone should be treated with dignity.

139,648 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!