Stop the development of multi-family housing across from Glenda’s Point

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Please sign our petition to stop the rezoning of property across from Glenda’s Pointe for an 80 unit, multi-family complex. This complex not only affects  Glenda’s Pointe residents but Olde Farm and other surrounding residents as well. See background and suggestions below for further details. 


We request the zone change from Office and Institutional-1 to R-6 Residential be denied in favor of the City’s comprehensive land use plan.


  • A developer is requesting a zoning change from it’s current zoning of commercial/business (Office and Institutional-1) to multi-family residential (R6), specifically 80 units of below market rate housing. Qualifying tenants for such residence would be required to make less than 60% of the median income (roughly $25,000 or less). 
  • The city’s current recommendation for this land is office or business development, which would compliment the growing population and community of single family properties of Glenda’s Pointe and Olde Farm. 
  • Currently, city water and sewer lines are not accessible on this property. Additional tax dollars would be required to install needed utilities. 
  • Development plans for another apartment complex, just 1,000 feet from this lot, was recently approved.
  • The tax revenue generated by Glenda’s Pointe properties is far greater than a below-market-rate, multi-family unit. For example, Oxford Plantation (a similar complex to the proposed development) paid less than $19,000 in property taxes in 2017, compared to the average Glenda’s Pointe resident, who pays $3,500+ in property taxes annually. Multiply this rate by the 39 homes currently built in Glenda’s Pointe for an estimated total of $136,500 annually. In addition, 26 vacant plots in Glenda’s Pointe generate $13,650, bringing an estimated gross total of over $150,000 annually in tax revenue.


  • A development of this nature would be better suited in an area with safe and easy access to supermarkets, schools, churches, and public gathering locations such as the public library. Residents with a lack of reliable transportation would be required to walk 1.5 miles along Cuyler Best Road (a busy, two-lane road, with no sidewalk or adequate shoulder) and cross an overpass with 5 lanes of traffic to access the nearest supermarket. 
  • With the current zoning and land use plan recommendation drafted by the city, this property is not suited for a project of this nature. 
  • Residents have a vested interest in seeing this vacant land developed, and in supporting the City’s current recommendation of commercial and business use.

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