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Stop the development of land by Northwood Station by TfL


Transport for London's outline plans involve demolishing an entire block: all of the buildings along Green Lane from Central Way to Coral and down Station Approach. 17 businesses will lose their premises and 12 tenants their flats, all without compensation or alternative premises being found. The 17 businesses employ some 150 people, all of whom would lose their livelihoods, impacting their families and the wider community.

Transport for London plans to build a 47,000 sq. ft. Sainsbury supermarket, up to 167 housing units and 3 car parks. The Sainsbury supermarket will have a sales floor of approx. 35,000 sq. ft. and result in approx. 15,000 extra car journeys through Northwood per week, as well as delivery vehicles outside trading hours.

This proposal risks changing the character of Northwood forever. Please support our petition to block these redevelopment plans.

Letter to
Mayor of London Boris Johnson
I object to Transport for London's plans to redevelop the site opposite Northwood Station on the grounds that they will deprive 17 local businesses of their trading premises without compensation or alternative premises, 12 tenants of their flats, again without compensation or alternative accommodation, and approximately 150 employees of their livelihoods, impacting the local economy and wider community.

The building of a large supermarket and over 150 homes risks the safety of schoolchildren and the elderly in Northwood through the additional c. 15,000 car journeys made in a locality already suffering from the current volume of traffic.

You and you alone have the power to stop this destructive proposal and save the economy, the livelihoods of local employees, and ensure the safety of Northwood. The conservation of the town centre is of paramount importance.

Please support the people in their campaign to block this attempt to change the character of Northwood forever.

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