STOP the destruction of the Grand Trees of Riverland Terrace by Dominion Energy.

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As James Islanders we have seen a significant number of changes being forced upon us. Uncontrolled development has caused traffic gridlock everywhere on the Island. This has resulted in a diminished quality of life for us all and an environmental landscape that will forever be changed. Uncontrolled development also has other effects, like a need for upgraded electric systems. 

Now SCEG, who promised the people of Riverland Terrace in 2014 that no more tree trimming would occur in our beautiful historic neighborhood for at least 5 years, have decided to do a major "upgrade" to the power system which will result in a 10 foot by 10 foot by 20 foot demolition of the grand tree canopy which line the streets of the Terrace. 

As a homeowner on Wappoo Drive, I am asking for everyone's help in preventing this appalling disaster. Where will the people of James Island draw a line and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? We the people will not allow everything we love about our homes and neighborhoods be destroyed. For me, this line is the destruction of the historic trees of Riverland Terrace. I plan to do everything in my power to stop this travesty. Please join me in this fight and sign this petition and say enough is enough. We demand a different approach, one that does not include the complete destruction of the trees in our neighborhood, trees that have been protected for generations. These trees WILL NOT be destroyed on our watch!

Matt Dailey

Wappoo Drive, Riverland Terrace.