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Stop the Deportation of High School Student Pedro Joel Espinoza

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Update: After a sympathetic individual who saw Pedro's story shared on Facebook posted bond, he is no longer in detention. However, he still faces deportation and needs your continued support.

My boyfriend, who just turned 19, is being held in Pinal County Detention Center without any charges since November 5, 2010. This is because he was brought here from Tijuana at only three months old by his loving father who only wanted to see his kid live a safe, normal, American life. He was going to fix Pedro's legal status, but when Pedro turned four years old, his father passed away. His grandmother, a U.S. citizen, was also working to fix his legal status and had a petition for his, but when she also passed away they cancelled the process.

Pedro has been going to school in America since he was four and continued up until November 5th, the day his life changed in a matter of seconds. He was on his way home from my house on his bike after school to pack some clothes to go camping, when he got pulled over around 7:00 p.m. because he didn't have a light on his bike. When police pulled him over, he didn't have an I.D., so they arrested him.

Pedro is the type of boy to help a stranger, friend, family, etc. with anything he sees them struggle with. All he wanted was to help out everybody and have peace in society. He always kept me and my family from arguing because he showed us hatefulness would not get one anywhere in life. To live life like it is our last Ever since he's been gone our family is torn apart. Especially me because he was and is my life. He showed me the meaning of life, and appreciates life more than others.

He has so many people wanting to help him because they know how great of a heart he has. Mentors/school board from middle school and other schools are doing their best to get Pedro out too because they have a lot of faith in him and love him to death. He also used to work with kids in the Salvation Army by keeping them off the streets and teaching them how to play basketball. Pedro makes friends everywhere he goes because he is so outgoing and very respectful. I have never met anyone so kind-hearted like him. He is losing it in there and he is losing strength. He says he feels like he's starving because they do not feed hi well. He eats 4:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., and last at 4:00 p.m. He has told me they have no rights and he is being treated unfairly. Where he is at is worse than prison. Every time we talk he cries to me because he is so depressed and frightened to be deported HE did get a bond for 3,500, but I can't afford that and have been doing carwashes and bake sales since he's been gone, but it is not enough!

He has never been to Mexico and he does not have any family members in that country either. This was his nightmare, his fear every day since he found out in middle school he was illegal and could not go to college. Pedro is losing hope. He should not be going through this, this is not his fault, but now he has to pay for absolutely nothing. How can the government keep kids in jail when they are innocent. It makes no sense. He is still a child! It breaks my heart! Please help me get my boyfriend out by signing my petition. My life will never be the same until he returns home to me! Thank you for your time and god bless everyone.

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