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Stop the Deportation of Fausto Rangel

Help my family stay together, My children need there father and I need my husband, the immigration system is broken and I dont understand why they will take Fausto knowing that we have two children Nicolas who is 3 and our little Alaina who is the youngest who has special needs....... I ask you who ever is reading thiss to sign my husbands petition so that he can stay and help me raise our children  in the US....... thank you for your time .
-The Rangel Family-

Letter to
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services:
My name is Stephanie, I'm 23 years old, wife to Fausto whom will be 25 on Halloween, and mother of two children Nicolas 2 1/2 and Alaina whom will be 2 on October 5. (Alaina is special needs) I'm pleading for help from everyone.
Fausto was born in Mexico in 1987, was brought to the USA in 1988. He went to school here and has never even been back to Mexico. He did not even know he was illegail until he turned 16 and wanted to do what every other high school kid does, go get his liscens. He is a great father our son thinks he is the world! Our daughter can't help smile every time she sees her daddy. My husband is only human and has had his problems, but he means a lot to a lot of people.
In June of 2011 my father that lives almost a 100 miles away from us called the cops on my husband. He told the cops I had been beat up. We both messed up by admitting we had a big argument the night before. He was arested and charged with assult by the state of Texas. Now that he has the charge the government wants to send him back to Mexico. Our children are now at risk of losing their dad, not because he is a dead beat like most dads that leave but because the government wants to send him away.
My husband is my rock threw all the things that go on with our daughter. Three different times we have been told she will die and he has always been there. He is my bestfriend, the love of my life, and so much more. He is the first person our son looks for in the morning, and Alaina's cuddle buddy. So i plead that every one help us keep him with us! If not for me for the kids! Thank you!

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