Stop the deportation of a loving, hardworking father

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Stop the deportation of a loving, hardworking father

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Moussa's story is an example of what is wrong with our immigration system. A computer technician who came to the US on a student visa, Moussa paid taxes, contributed to our society, and has an American wife and 3 US citizen children. Yet Moussa could be deported any day.

Moussa applied for asylum 9 years ago. Before coming to the US, he was tortured by government employees after he witnessed human rights violations. Moussa testified before an Immigration Judge, giving as many details as possible about the violence he endured. As with many survivors of violence, Moussa’s memory could be inconsistent when it came to details or dates. Based on these inconsistencies, the Judge denied Moussa asylum and ordered him deported.

While fighting his asylum case, Moussa fell in love with his future wife Victoria. Together they now have 3 children, and he helped raise her 2 children from a previous relationship. They were a happy, hardworking family. Moussa hoped to put his immigration case behind him and be a legal resident of the country he calls home. His hopes were raised when President Obama created the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program. The program gave parents of US citizens, people like Moussa, a chance to stay with their families.

In September 2015, Moussa was taken from his home at 5:30AM by immigration officials. He has been detained for almost a year, and his family is struggling without him. Moussa's wife cannot afford basic necessities and Moussa has yet to meet thier newborn child. To make matters worse, the DAPA program was suspended indefinitely. His family's only hope is for immigration officials to use their discretion to stop Moussa’s deportation.

Families like Moussa's are living in fear of being torn apart by a broken immigration system. These are our neighbors, coworkers, and people who help make our country prosperous. Until our immigration system is fixed, we must stand up for people like Moussa. Had the Supreme Court ruled in favor of DAPA, Moussa would likely be reunited with his family today. Instead, he was allegedly assaulted by an immigration officer for refusing to board a plane to Chad and now faces prosecution trying to stay in the US with his wife and their 5 children.

Please tell Immigration and Customs Enforcement to stop the deportation of Moussa. Sign and share the petition today.

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