Petition Closed
Petitioning Chairman of the Saugerties Village Historical Review Board Richard Frisbee and 3 others

Stop the demolition of the Sheffield Mansion *Clovelea" in Saugerties: Email the historical board of Saugerties Village to stop this demolition!

The Sheffield estate was built during the time when Saugerties, NY reaped the fruits of the Industrial Revolution. Designed by Alfred H. Thorpe, who in partnership with Edward Potter designed the Mark Twain house in Hartford. The Victorian Gothic house represented a fashion prominent in the latter half of the 19th century. Today it stands as a reminder of this key period in the town's history and it's location makes it an important gateway and landmark for the village.

Letter to
Chairman of the Saugerties Village Historical Review Board Richard Frisbee
Mayor of the Village of Saugerties William E. Murphy
Village Trustee Terry Parisian
and 1 other
Village cleck Mary Frank
We the community wish to save an important landmark which is stands as a monument to the village's past and the industrial growth of the region. It is architecturally unique to the village and it's loss would have a distinct impact on character of the community. Surrounded by communities that thrive on tourism and recreational opportunities offered up by the river and mountains that define the region, Saugerties must not become just another stoplight. Preservation and great design has an effect on character of the community that goes beyond simply protecting treasures. It is an essential element for the future economic growth of the town and village. While today many see the structure as an eye sore, it can easily become the most recognizable structure in the community. It can become again a monument that we take pride in. It can be emblematic of a community that takes pride in its industrial and creative legacy.