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Stop the demolition of 700 mountains in China

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As it was reported in the news on December 6 of 2012, China plans to flatten 700 mountains near Lanzhou to build a metropolis.

One of China's biggest construciton companies, Pacific Construction Group, is carrying out the $3.52 billion project that will decimate 500 square miles of mountainous territory to make room for a new urban development. This infrastructure will become China's fifth state-level development zone with construction of high-rise residential buildings.
It is expected to:
- Increase area's population by several hundred thousand
- Impact the enviroment with hazardous effects
- Create heavy pollution and water shortages

Flattening mountains is not a new practice - mining companies have razed mountainous terrain in the past to excavate coal - but China's plan to demolish 700 mountains may be the largest project to date.

Lanzhou, home to 3.6 million people alongside the silty Yellow River, already has major environmental concerns. Last year, the World Health Organization named it the city with the worst air pollution in China. The city’s main industries include textiles, fertilizer production and metallurgy.

Liu Fuyuan, a former high-level official at the country’s National Development and Reform Commission, told China Economic Weekly that the project was unsuitable because Lanzhou is frequently listed as among China’s most chronically water-scarce municipalities. “The most important thing is to gather people in places where there is water,” he said.

Please sign my petition if you agree that Yan Jiehe, Chairman of Pacific Construction Group; Qin Yucai, Regional Director for the National Development and Reform Commission in China; Liu Weiping, Gangsu Governor... should not destroy 700 mountains in order to build a metropolis. 

Thank you.

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