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Stop the "deconstruction" of our immigrant workforce

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As part of Trump's heartless plan to "deconstruct" America, countless residents continue to be stopped without cause and asked to prove their legal status, violating first amendment rights and echoing the harrowing ghosts of Nazi Germany. As arrests are made and families torn apart, Trump supporters applaud and celebrate these inhumane actions.

A nation that so quickly rallies around an executive order that criminalizes and seeks to deport its undocumented military personnel, and its cheapest and most productive labor force, is a nation deeply weakened in spirit and doomed to be maliciously misled, and ultimately swindled. 

We must stop the "deconstruction" of our nation's vital workforce and military, recognizing that with each new generation of immigrants America delivers new waves of technological advances and prosperity to the world. The attempt to dismantle this proud heritage is an attack on the heart and soul of this nation, and a scheme to uproot the democratic principles that have held us together and given us status in the world.

Please stand with us in petitioning our nation's Governors to forcefully denounce any and all executive orders that ban or deport immigrants without cause, and ask them to secure in perpetuity our allegiance to immigration by proclaiming February 3 – the historic day the U.S. District Court temporarily lifted the Trump administration's ban on Muslims - as Immigration Preservation Day.

Immigration Preservation Day will shed perpetual light on the eventful circumstances that captured our nation's attention and inspired our justice system to act boldly to stop the Muslim ban, upholding our democratic rule of law. It will also serve to remind future generations of Americans that our multi-cultural cohesiveness is precious and warranted so that any future "ban and deport" policies are never repeated. 


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