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Most fathers don't deserve this punishment. Yes, getting your drivers license suspended for not paying child support is a punishment. Some men don't deserved this! Most women out here see their kids dad as an ATM. Most women out here don't get along with their kids dad so their first step is to use their kid against them just to hurt them (ex: not letting them see their kids), and then they go straight for child support just to make their lives more miserable. Taking these men driving license away for not paying child support can also affect their way to work, which by the way, how do you expect them to make money if they can't get to work? Some men will risk it, and still drive without a license just to get to work. Then what if they get pulled over? And get fines? That's more money out of their pocket. I feel like this "Deadbeats, Don't Drive" Act needs to stop or at least tweak it. I'm doing this on behalf of the fathers who wants to be in their kids lives. Also it would be nice to have some kind of account set for child support money where you can track the transactions of where the money is going, or make a law to let moms give the dad a list of stuff that the kid/s needs, and he can buy those items for them, or make the child support receiver to show receipts of items that they bought for the child to DCFS monthly or every 6 months. There are a lot of child support receivers out here doesn't even spend half of the child support they get for their kids. This is an on going battle for most of the fathers out here. It's sad. Being a parent doesn't have to revolve around money. So please sign a petition so we can get these good fathers out here a fair treatment.

On another note, I feel like the dads who doesn't want to be part of their kids lives needs to sign their rights away, pay for child support, or make them serve jail time.

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