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No Dakota Access Pipeline

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When I was 8 years-old, an enormous oil deposit was discovered just a few hours from my community and our lives changed forever. What was once a quiet Native American town in North Dakota became filled with hundreds of men who’d come to work in the oil fields and brought with them loud trucks, drug use, and sex trafficking.

The oil industry hasn’t let up since – they just keep growing. Now they are trying to build a pipeline under Lake Sakakawea that could pollute our drinking water and poison the animals who live around the lake.

The young people of New Town have had enough. We call ourselves the Modern Day Warriors, committed to defending Mother Earth. Please sign our petition to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Before the oil industry came into our lives, I used to feel comfortable running across the bridge on the lake or walking around town at night. Nowadays it’s not safe. Native American women already experience violence at 2.5 times the rate of other women, but near North Dakota’s oil fields that number is even higher. We feel unsafe in our own home town.

A new pipeline would not only bring more workers and allow the violence and drug use to get worse, it would threaten our water and soil. Oil pipelines leak all the time – in 2014, 1 million gallons of oil byproducts were spilled just upstream from Lake Sakakawea, where we get our drinking water. It’s not a matter of if the Dakota Access Pipeline will leak, it’s when and how much.

We can’t take this risk: sign your name to ask the Army Corps of Engineers not to grant the building permit for another dangerous pipeline.

If enough of us raise our voice, they’ll have to listen. I know because we already led a 10 mile march to speak in front of our tribal council, where we convinced them to oppose seven other pipelines. The Army Corps is a much bigger target, but I know that eventually they will have to hear us too.

No Dakota Access!

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