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Stop the cruel practice of tight nosebands on horses at the 2016 Rio Olympics

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The common and cruel practice (1) of using tightening nosebands on horses to cover up poor skill is cruel, dishonest and will permanently physically and physiologically injure hundreds of horses who will suffer at the Olympics this summer.

Dressage should be about the deep connection and exceptional communication between a horse and a rider. If this connection does not exist, riders should not be allowed to tighten the horse’s noseband so much that the horse can’t demonstrate this.

It’s been proven that very tight nosebands cause the horse to suffer a physiological stress response - preventing the horse from performing their natural behaviours such as opening their mouth, chewing and licking (2). It has been shown that when a tight noseband is released the horse demonstrates a rebound increase in these suppressed natural behaviours (2). Blue lolling tongues and deformed nasal bones have also been observed.

We need to put an end to this permanent damage being inflicted upon these horses - instead of relying on the individual to subjectively check their horses.

We urge the International Olympic Committee to ensure every horse has a 2 finger gap on their nose band before competing which can be objectively measured using the ISES taper gauge- make it illegal to compete without!



(1) http://www.equitationscience com/documents/Conferences/ 2013/ISES%202013%20Two% 20methods%20of%20measuring% 20in-vivo%20pressures% 20applied%20by%20a%20cavesson% 20noseband.pdf

(2). plosone/article?id=10.1371/ journal.pone.0154179.


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