Stop the cover-up. Demand justice for Jeffrey Epstein's victims.

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Lisa Mclean
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Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself rather than face justice, but what about the rich and powerful who were complicit in his crimes. Who’s investigating them?

Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested, which is a step towards justice. However, the American people cannot settle for Maxwell's indictments, because the Epstein network had multiple procurers and perpetrators. Epstein’s powerful child trafficking co-conspirators must be investigated and brought to justice for molesting underage girls, some reportedly as young as 11 or 12 years old.

If the Justice Department is indifferent to victims in a proven trafficking case, then there is little hope for the vast majority of victims. If the perpetrators in the Epstein case are allowed to go scot free, then all perpetrators are empowered.

The #KidsToo petition not only seeks justice for Epstein's victims, but it also seeks justice for everyone whose sexual abuse has been covered-up. We are building a coalition of organizational supporters that strive to ensure justice for victims/survivors.

Children cannot be abused with impunity. Demand an end to the Epstein cover-up. Demand justice for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein.

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Jeffrey Epstein Victims Supporting the #KidsToo Petition

Virginia Giuffre

Teresa J. Helm

Annie Farmer

Juliette Bryant

Michelle Licata

Marijke Chartouni

Organizational Supporters of the #KidsToo Petition

National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Patrick A. Trueman, President & CEO

International Centre on Sexual Exploitation, Haley McNamara, Director 

Prostitution Research & Education, Melissa Farley, PhD, Psychologist, Executive Director 

Restore Innocence Ranch, Executive Director, Delores Day, Waukesha, Wisconsin 

The Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence, Joy Silberg, PhD, President, Baltimore, Maryland

Xquisite, Brenda Sandquist, Executive Director, Carson City, Nevada

Global Centurion, Laura J. Lederer, President, Fairfax, Virginia

Truckers Against Trafficking, Kendis Paris, Executive Director, Grand Junction, Colorado

RIA House, Inc., Heather Wightman, Executive Director, Framingham, Massachusetts 

Alabaster Jar Project, Susan Johnson, Executive Director, San Diego, California

LifeWay Network, Tori Curbelo, Manager of Education & Training, New York, New York

Jewish Coalition Against Sex Trafficking, Donna Fishman, MPH, Development and Engagement Director, National Council of Jewish Women, Chicago, Illinois

We Stand Guard, Kimberly Perry, Founder and President, Raleigh, North Carolina

Oneida Crisis Center, Marcia Stocks, Victim Advocate, Malad City, Idaho

The Children's Assessment Center, Rhonda Graff, Board Member, Houston, Texas

Youth Wellbeing Project, Liz Walker, Managing Director, Brisbane, Australia

Children of the Night, Lois Lee, PhD, JD, Founder and President, Los Angeles, California

Victims Refuse Silence, Virginia Giuffre, President, Teresa J. Helm, Vice President

Ark of Hope for Children, Blair Corbett, Founder and Director, High Springs, Florida

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, Aurora Javate-De Dios, President, Phillipines