Stop the closure of Orchard Close Respite Centre on Hayling Island

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Orchard close is a centre used by people with sever learning disabilities and Autism. They can stay from two to several days, it offers a holiday for the clients and they are amongst friends. This centre is a lifeline to parents, guardians and careers, as it provides a much needed break for them to do other things, whether it’s having time to spend with other family members or catching up on cleaning or even as trivial as having time for themselves having a relaxing bath or watching a full movie.

Our son Daniel has used this centre for many years, it took ages for him to settle as in the beginning he wouldn’t get out of the car. But due to the time and patience of the staff he has settled down and loved it ever since.

The staff at this centre are highly trained professionals, and their patience and caring attitude is a credit to them. We parents and careers look to them as an extended family and so do the staff to us, as we spend a lot of time with each other.

The Hants County Council are planning to cut services in  Adult Health and Care and have decided to close this centre. It is crucial that we fight to try and keep this crucial centre going. The Adult health and care, and any health area can not afford anymore cuts to their budgets, as they have been cut so often before.

People with Autism do not like change, they like familiar places and faces, so taking this away will add unnecessary stress to their already stressful life.

Please sign this petition and help us get as many names as possible to show that you support us and the people with disabilities.