Stop the Clark University Student Council Compensation Plan

Stop the Clark University Student Council Compensation Plan

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Why this petition matters

Started by Evan Medcraft

The Clark University Student Council plans to introduce a measure where they would be paid a salary for their 'work'. This salary will be granted to CUSC members for the next two years and be paid for with funds from the University's Cumulative Surplus, meaning: 

- Money could be redirected away from Gala and the Yearbook (two resources enjoyed by hundreds and maybe thousands of Clark students); 

- $37,047.50 will be allocated to pay about 10 people, who make up about .004% of the student body (rough estimate); 

- The Clark Univeristy Student Council are essentially planning to vote on whether they themselves are allowed to get paid, creating a massive conflict of interests; 

- The salaries will only be provided for the next two years, giving the current CUSC Eboard enough time to get paid, graduate, and leave without facing consequences;

- Dozens of other clubs and groups on campus that do legitimate work and activism will not get similar compensation; 

- Dozens of other clubs on campus have seen cuts to their budget (which is determined by CUSC), meaning the $37,000 that could have been used to fund these clubs is going into the pocket of those who cut the budget in the first place. 

- This list is not exhaustive by any stretch and likely does not include dozens of other grievances from every corner of the Clark Community.

CUSC meets at 7 pm on Thursdays in ASEC 202. This meeting (as well as this petition) are our chance to push for a referendum and hold CUSC accountable. We are their constituents: We do not work for them, they work for us

223 have signed. Let’s get to 500!