Please sign.....Stop the change to indefinite claim on Disability Living Allowance Benefit

This picture relates to the vulnerable people like Christian above who have Severe Learning Disabilities, Autism, Epilepsy and Challenging behaviours and a disability that will never change and there problems will keep deteriorating and like many more in the same situation. You tell me why they should be criticised regarding there circumstances, and then have a linked term of reference attached to there benefit taken away when they were awarded this, seems degrading to that person, so this is why I am fighting this government to reinstate this attached term the Indefinite claim and link it to there benefit. Please support Sign and Promote this you can donate so it gets noticed further, and to get more contacts to sign this important Petition, without signatures it will not meet the targets it needs which is 100,000 signatures. We need this award to stay linked to there benefit.  It is important for the people who have this claim to be able to keep it. Why change when they have been awarded this? Their circumstances are not going to change so why take it away? I feel this is unlawful.
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  • Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
    Damian Green MP
  • Minister for Disabled People
    Penny Mordaunt MP

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