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Stop the Certification of Farmed Salmon as "Sustainable" and "Responsible"

Please help stop farmed salmon being certified as "sustainable", "environmental" and "responsible". 

WWF, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Marine Harvest (the largest salmon farming company in the world) are attempting to green-wash salmon farming via 'Standards for Responsible Aquaculture'.

However these standards fail to address welfare and food safety issues and allow for the use of toxic chemicals, antibiotics, unsustainable feed, escapes, non-native species, GM feed and the killing of marine mammals. 

Please sign this petition and a letter opposing farmed salmon standards.

More background details (including a copy of a letter) are available via:


Letter to
Please stop the certification of farmed salmon as "responsible" and "sustainable".

Salmon farming is fundamentally unsustainable and we cannot support a farmed salmon standard which allows:

- waste pollution and chemical contamination
- killing of wildlife including marine mammals
- sea lice infestation and the spread of infectious diseases
- the farming of non-native species
- escapes
- unsustainable and non-certified fish feed
- transgenic plants including GM soya in feed
- copper-treated nets and biocides
- use of antibiotics
- use of toxic chemicals such as cypermethrin and emamectin benzoate
- mortality rates of 20%
- deaths of workers

There is simply no right way to do the wrong thing. The only truly responsible thing to do is exclude farmed salmon from certification by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council. Please listen to common sense and tell farmed salmon to fish off!

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