Stop the CAT MEAT TRADE in Vietnam

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Vietnam is infamous throughout the world as one of the most prevalent consumers of dog meat. It is common for once former pets to be stolen, barbarically transported for days without food and water, and ultimately slaughtered in horrific ways for consumption. Although it is still legal to sell and eat canine meat, the Vietnamese government has passed legislation aimed at banning the cat meat trade in Vietnam. Despite this, cat meat is increasing in popularity, and multiple cat meat holding areas and restaurants are popping up throughout the country. 

Many people living in Central Vietnam in particular are unaware of the cruelty and rampant theft of cats that goes on in the area. Locally there are multiple staging areas where cats are kept prior to their long and inhumane journey to Northern Vietnam, where they are then slaughtered. Most of these cats are either friendly pets stolen from their loving families, community-owned free-roaming cats, or even those that were sold by their owners because often times animals are seen as commodities or possessions rather than living beings with awareness. Aside from the presence of staging areas, there are restaurants where cats are sold as ‘Little Tiger’, a dish that is increasing in popularity throughout the country. Recent evidence has uncovered black cats being boiled alive and sold as medicine in Hanoi. While animal welfare groups focus on the plight of dogs caught up in the dog trade, little attention is paid to the millions of cats that suffer a similar fate.

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