Stop the burning of the Amazon Rainforest!

Dear Governo Federal, Gladson Cameli, governador do Acre, Marcos Rocha, governador de Rondônia, Mauro Mendes, governador do Mato Grosso, Reinaldo Azambuja, governador Rio Grande do Sul, Ministério do Meio Ambiente, Senado Federal, Câmara dos Deputados, Ministério Publico Federal:
The Amazon Rain Forest needs to be protected! The rain forest is a huge source of our breathable air and not only has the tree population plummeted, but the fires are making it extremely difficult to breathe. The fires went on for so long and the smoke was so thick that it actually darkened the skies. Looking closer, many animals died in those fires and that biodiverse ecosystem, is burned to ash. Please, help the renewal of trees, so the people not only in immediate surroundings, but people all around the world can have quality air to breathe and allow the animals to come back.
The wound left on this earth because of this long-lasting fire has devastating consequences and if nothing is being done to protect this beautiful Greenland, than the human population will be greatly affected for the worse.
Moreover, there needs to be policies placed on these lands, so that intruders will pay for the cost and be held accountable for the damage they have caused. It is easier to prevent degradation, contamination, invasion, or dysfunction than it is to stop, remove, restore, or repair abnormal conditions and damaged ecosystems. Making this forest a protected land will bring even more attention to its importance and people will not tamper with a delicate ecosystem.
Thank you for your time.

Bio Student, United States
6 months ago
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