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STOP The Bullying @ Illinois Schools & Take It Serious When A Child Says They Are Bullied

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My 14 year old daughter was born September. 28,1998 9lb 2oz baby beautiful chubby baby girl. Alana was born with a cleft palate which is a hole in the roof of her mouth & back then they didn't do surgery right away we had to wait until she was almost 2 before the plastic surgeon & team of doctors would operate so Alana had to have special bottles first surgery at the age of 6 mos on her ears because 99% of babies born with cleft palates have hearing problems & some aren't born with enough permanet teeth buds or some are born with too many. Anyway, in August of 2000 Alana underwent her palate surgery at the St. Louis Children's hospital & after about 2-3 hrs I was able to see my baby again & she was covered in blood & all I could do was drop to my knees an beg God for my baby girl to be ok. At 4yrs of age Alana had already went through 5 ear surgeries a palate surgery & within 4 mos after her last ear surgery her left ear began to bleed & we rushed her to hospital we were then told that somehow the tube had dug a hole into her ear drum which has now been patched but caused a 90% hearing loss. Well, now Alana is in 8th grade has been an A&B student very quiet , soft hearted & wouldn't harm a fly. But, for the past 6 years she been bullied everyday of her life an the past 2 years have just gotten worse! She has people call her retarded , dumb , stupid , they throw rocks at her , they say she has a "battery operated boyfriend" which makes me SICK to think these kids can be so cold hearted! So, I ask PLEASE sign this petition & help me STOP the bullying before someone else gets hurt. My heart is breaking because my child is in fear of her own life that something is going to get worse. She begs me to just take her out of school she tells me she doesn't wanna live like this the rest of her life... All, I get out of the school is well she should of told us the next day after it happens well she's scared & they had no compassion for my child or me & they want her to stay after school in the office until I can get there an pick her up!! NO, my daughter should never have to change her schedule or life because kids want to taunt an bully her!! So again please sign this petition & HELP MY DAUGHTER to be able to get a stop to this. Thank you & God Bless

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