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Petitioning Federal Government MP Mark Adler and 3 others

Stop the bullfights at the Portugese Cultural Celebration at Downsview Park

Tormenting animals should not be considered entertainment

Letter to
Federal Government MP Mark Adler
Provincial Government MPP Monty Kwinter
City of Toronto Councillor Maria Augimeri
and 1 other
Alliance of Portugese Clubs and Associations of Ontario Organizing Committee
Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Portugese community is having a celebration of their culture. Included with those celebrations are scheduled bull fights to take place at Downsview Park, Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto, ON M3K 2B6 on Saturday June 15 (4:00 p.m) and Sunday June 16 (3:00 p.m.). The event at Downsview is also being promoted as a “bull rodeo” and “running of the bulls” Please do not let this happen.

While the Portugese bull fight is known as bloodless, because the animals are not killed on the spot, it is nevertheless a cruel and unacceptable way to treat animals. The animals are teased, tormented, terrorized, poked and prodded mercilessly. Horses are always being used and are put in a potentially dangerous position. Being part of a heritage does not make it less cruel. It's time to come out of the dark ages where care and consideration of animals is concerned. Family entertainment should not include a lesson for youngsters on how to mistreat animals.

As you are aware Downsview Park is federal land under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government while the event itself is sponsored by the Ontario Government.

We respsectfully request you take immediate action to prevent these shows from taking place.