More Dollar Stores Make No Sense

More Dollar Stores Make No Sense

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Jennifer Witkowski started this petition to Pender County Commissioner David Piepmeyer and

On January 18th Pender county commissioners will vote to approve a Family Dollar at the corner of 421 & Montague.

PLEASE join us in signing our petition and emailing our commissioners, as well as attending the meeting January 18th at 7PM at the Hampstead annex at 15060 US HWY 17, Hampstead, NC 28443. It is absolutely essential that we have as many people attend as possible to give us any chance at stopping this.

Residents report NOT receiving any notification prior to the initial meetings in November, and only became aware of the situation 1/7/2022 when a tiny 12x18 inch sign was noticed. We do NOT consider this to be proper notice to residents.

The proposal for the Family dollar can be seen in the links below. We have grave concerns about this plan, including but not limited to :

-       The proposal blatantly lies, stating that no other stores are in a one mile radius, when Dollar General is .8 miles away, and Johnsons corner is .7 miles away

-       Family Dollar claims that they will solve our issue of being a food desert. This will not solve our issue, nor provide any food with any nutritional value as they do not sell fruit, vegetables, or meat, only processed packaged goods.

-       Increase in traffic to Montague Road, as the road is already in extreme disrepair. There is also no shoulder on this road, and may increase accidents in the blind curve.

-       Dollar stores become hot spots for crime. There is extensive research that there are increases in violent crime around these facilities. Please see links below

-       The water table is extremely high in this area, and under a mile away from a flood zone.

-       Wastewater claims: they claim that they will only produce 30 gallons of waste water a day, with 18 employees and public bathrooms. Per the USEPA, the average daily waste water per person is 50 to 70 gallons per person per day (USEPA, 2002).


Literature supporting concerns of Dollar Stores degrading a community

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154 have signed. Let’s get to 200!