STOP the build of a €2,000,000,000.00 SECOND RATE Hospital at St.James’s!

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TWO BILLION EURO! Yes that’s €2,000,000,000.00!!!

We don’t want to waste tax payer’s money. If this hospital goes ahead it will be SECOND RATE. ALL other health projects will suffer and will be kicked far down the road. An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said yesterday some health projects will be pushed out 7 years and they are the projects which have already been given the go-ahead. So nothing else will be given the green light for 7+ years. Yes you read that right! 

For 2 BILLION EURO our New Children’s Hospital if built at St. James’s will look like this...

It won’t have Maternity Co-location,  which is necessary to improve outcomes for newborns. There is NO access. NOT enough beds. NOT enough operating theatres. NOT enough parking. Helipad doesn’t take all sizes of helicopters. NO green space. NO room for expansion. Poor air quality.

If it is moved DON’T WORRY, the preparatory works won’t go to waste as the Paediatric Satellite hospital could go to St. James’s and there would still be space for The Coombe Maternity Hospital plus expansion for the existing adult hospital and for very much needed car parking space. 

We need a GREENFIELD site off the M50 with room for a Co-located Maternity Hospital, easy ACCESS for all those travelling from all four corners of Ireland, expansion, parking, helipad, green space etc...

Our Children deserve the best we can offer and for 2 BILLION EURO we would expect that it would be World Class with the vital Maternity Co-location. We can save millions, probably a Billion by building on a greenfield site. If we switch sites it won’t even delay the project as it’s much QUICKER, EASIER & FASTER to build on a greenfield site.

Remember the proposed opening date for The New Children’s Hospital is 2023 if built at St. James’s so not only would we save money but time too.

Please sign the petition. Ask our Minister for Health, Simon Harris & Our Government to listen and stand up for the children of Ireland. They must come FIRST