Keep "Killing Bigfoot" From Being Broadcast

"Killing Bigfoot," a new television show that is scheduled to be aired on Destination America, produced by Gryphon Productions, on Saturday, February 4 2017 and on OLN and other Canadian Channels. " The six-episode series follows a diverse team of Bigfoot hunters – the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) - in a world where monsters are real and people are frightened for their lives. The group’s main mission is to assist families - where local authorities cannot - as they are terrorized by a sleeker, more aggressive type of Bigfoot, while also trying to prove once and for all to the scientific community - by killing a specimen - that the creature does in-fact exist."

Killing any life form by any person or group, whether "bigfoot" or any other life form, identified or as of yet not identified, for any reason, scientific or not, is immoral, unethical,unprofessional and illegal. The fact that any television network, producer or broadcasting entity will use the taking of a life - human, animal or other living species on this planet, for their corporate, professional or personal gain must be stopped.

Therefore, we the people, who have signed this petition and are sickened by the low morals of the GCBRO, Destination America, OLN and other Canadian Channels and Networks, "Killing Bigfoot" producers, "Killing Bigfoot" cast and crew petition to have "Killing Bigfoot" removed from the broadcasting of "Killing Bigfoot" or any other programming of such a low caliber where it is found necessary to "kill" in order to gain ratings, advertising revenue, and recognition for Destination America, OLN and other Canadian Channels and Networks and the GCBRO.

For those who do not have a voice, for those who cannot be seen, for those who live with us and alongside us, we thank you.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Canadian Association of Broadcasters
    S. Bissonnett (Canadian Association of Broadcasters)
  • Discovery - Bell Media
    Renee Dupuis
  • Prime Minister of Canada
    The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau
  • Chair - Rogers Media
    Alan Horn
  • Chairman - US - Federal Communications Commission
    Tom Wheeler
  • President - Bell Media
    Mary Ann Turcke
  • Premier of Ontario
    Premier Kathleen Wynne
  • Gulf Coast BigFoot Research Organization
  • Vice President - Discovery US
    Scott Kinney
  • Member of Parliament, Hamilton Mountain
    Scott Duval, MP

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