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Petitioning stop the breeding non registered puppies in the uk

stop the breeding of non registered puppies in the uk

if a law is made stating that to breed a litter of puppies in the uk both parents of the future litters must be kennel club registered and fully heath screened before mating takes place and then all puppies in that litter then have to have more crucial health test before sale to future owners this would not only produce healthier dogs for the future but would also stop the back yard breeders that produce litters of puppies for quick and easy cash without any regards or care for the mother or puppies health. this would be because the people who breed for cash would not want the added expense of having to pay out 100's of pound for health checking there litters and also would not want the kennel club and other authorities monitoring there breeding activities. if this was to happen there would be less dogs in rescue centre each year because only responsible people would be selling pups to good forever homes and also if a dog was to attack someone the owners address would be known by police.

what we also propose is that so called designer dogs i'e LABRADOOLES, COCKERPOOS, JUGS ect will still be able to be bred as long as the owners of the sire and dam have each dog tested for that breeds specific health problems then have the puppies tested for the health problems that affect both parents breeds and that the kennel club register the puppies even though they are not pedigree but on a separate register. one that does not have the puppies pedigree but has basic information i'e ADDRESS OF BREEDER, ADDRESS OF NEW OWNER, MICRO CHIP NUMBER etc

another great thing about this law if it was put into power is it would create a huge amount of work for the kennel club and other authorities dealing with these tests and registerations thus creating 100's if not 1000's of more jobs for uk resisdents

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  • stop the breeding non registered puppies in the uk

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