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Syrian Americans call on the Ambassador to the illegitimate Syrian government of Bashar Assad to step down immediately and condemn the egregious killing, torture, and maltreatment of peaceful protesters.

Letter to
Ambassador of Syria to the USA Imad Moustafa
Ambassador of Syria to the USA Imad Moustafa
I write to you as a Syrian-American who is deeply concerned about the egregious human rights violations against my fellow Syrians in the beloved homeland. The claims and accusations the Syrian government has put forth about the protesters being armed, belonging to certain Islamist groups and carrying foreign agendas is unsubstantiated. I am outraged at the use of extreme violence against the unarmed civilian population. That said, I stand in full solidarity with the Syrian people and their peaceful demand for freedom, dignity and democracy, and hold President Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian government responsible for the bloodshed caused by the Syrian security apparatus. I demand that President Bashar put an immediate end to the violence and to the inhumane siege on the cities of Daraa, Baniyas, and Homs that has deprived the people of the most basic necessities.

Given the events thus far, it is clear that no solution is viable, short of sincere, detailed and comprehensive reforms that restore freedom and dignity to all Syrians.

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