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Stop the BLM from destroying one of America's Last Symbols of Freedom

Wild Mustangs are still classified as invasive species or vermin. They are not recognized as a species worth protection. Their numbers are diminishing at an alarming rate. Like all wildlife, they too are innocent victims of hunting, habitant loss, politics, greed, urbanization and human encroachment. There were once over 2 million wild mustangs roaming through out North America. Today they are diminishing at an alarming rate less than 27,000 remain in the wild, representing a mere 2%. The Bureau of Land Management is KILLING these wild mustangs, in which the health and wellness of the horses were so entrusted to them in the first place. And all for Gov. owned cattle ranges.

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I'm asking you as a fellow American to not let the modern age smother the beauty and in-tamable strength that our forefathers watched in awe when they first settled here. Watched as thunder sounded on the horizon, looking overhead they found no clouds that told of a coming storm, instead they looked back to the skyline to watch as our nation's symbol of freedom ran through the Wild West, their proud snorting resounding through the mountains as they stampeded with an unfathomable grace. This was our forefathers first glimpse of the mighty mustang. Don't let this be the age where we see the last of them.