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Stop the Bedroom Tax (In April 2013): Exempt the reduction in Housing Benefit on 1 or 2 surplus Spare Bedrooms

Across the U.K, People who currently claim for Housing Benefit will see a reduction in the amount of Benefits they receive, because under the new legalisation they are deemed to have one or more spare bedrooms.
So People on very low income, what ever the circumstances claiming Housing Benefit; In April 2013 a person renting, and on Housing Benefit will have to pay approx £11:30 per week for 1 spare bedroom, and approx £20.20 per week for 2 or more spare bedroom.
widows and widowers left in their family home when their children leave and on a low income can lose up to 25% of their housing benefit
We need to get this tax stopped before the homeless multiplies by thousands!
Where are these people going to go?
Please support this cause
I have looked at the rent of one bedroomed flats only to find that sometimes the rent is the same as I am being charged now. Where is the logic on this?

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