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Stop the barbaric use of live animals in military training!

According to CNN, videos of the use of animal in military training shows proceedures thatpossibly violate the countries own animal abuse policies.

“You can … say it’s not torture, it’s not cruelty ... I don't know of any other word when the end result is that these animals are suffering,” said Capt. Rosciam, a Purple Heart recipient who risked his life to save fallen Marines during the Vietnam War.

Manequins and computer models are available and it has been admitted that nothing (not even live animal training) will simulate the battlefield conditions.


As reported by PCRM,

The two military training videos reveal this unlawful use of live monkeys in chemical casualty care courses at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland and live goats in combat trauma training courses at Fort Sam Houston in Texas and other military facilities.

Last month Rep Hank Johnson, D-Ga., a member of the House Armed Services Committee, wrote a letter to the secretary and surgeon general of the Army. Rep. Johnson called for an end to the use of live animals in military medical training.

Lets send the message that we agree with Rep Johnson, and let the American military know we support them, but not this type of training!

Visit to watch the training videos and learn more about improving military medical training.



Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
As a constituent and tax payer, I have recently learned of the use of live animals in military training. I find this barbaric and upon greater research find that most report this is not particularly effective and does not simulate battlefield conditions.
I believe, as does Representative Hank Johnson, that these procedures are cruel and as quoted by Captain Rosciam, " Because animals have significant anatomical and physiological differences from humans, training soldiers on goats and monkeys can cost the lives of America’s fighting men and women.” On the battlefield, a casualty may die in the time it takes a medic to translate the lifesaving techniques they have learned on an animal to a human victim.” adding to those who see little benefit to this training.
Please cosign Rep Johnson's letter to the Army asking that live animal training methods be stopped.